Your Guide to North Georgia’s Mountain Vineyards

Perhaps best known for their stunning natural beauty and stoic scenic views, the North Georgia mountains offer more than meets the eye. Wineries Way Back When. Vineyards and wineries in North Georgia did not gain much popularity until the late 1990s, and only in recent years have they garnered national attention and recognition for their award-winning wines.

Situated in the northern mountains of Georgia, the winning combination of delicious drinks, breathtaking mountain views, and southern hospitality attracts wine aficionados from near and far to find surprisingly sophisticated small-batch varieties of unique varietals you will not find at your local liquor store.

Top Rated, Highly Popular. With several wineries and vineyards to visit, among the most popular is Wolf Mountain Vineyards. Established in 1999 and collecting over 200 medals in major competitions across the United States, Wolf Mountain Vineyards and Winery is located less than 60 miles from downtown Atlanta.

For the Outdoorsy. If you enjoy open terraces and scenic hillside views, the North Georgia mountains have something for you. Visit  Yonah Mountain Vineyards or Tiger Mountain Vineyards for delicious wine offerings and pristine mountain views.

Yonah Mountain Vineyards

A family winery owned and operated by Bob and Jane Miller since 2005, the Yonah Mountain Vineyards boasts world-class and award-winning wine. 

Tiger Mountain Vineyards

Producing award-winning fine wines, Tiger Mountain Vineyards is the oldest winery in Georgia. Known for its boutique-style winery, the vineyard harvests its grapes by hand. 

Burnt Mountain

If you find yourself near Burnt Mountain, the expansive views are not the only thing you will want to indulge in. Tucked into the side of the mountain, Fainting Goat Vineyards, and Winery takes a minimalist approach to its small batch, high-quality wine production. 

If wine is not your thing, do not worry. The north Georgia mountains have a variety of alcoholic (and nonalcoholic) offerings. Among the top places to visit include: Etowah Meadery and the Dahlonega Brewery, newer on the mountain, Etowah Meadery, Corporation was officially created in July 2016. The brewery operates in a shared space where they raise bees, ferment local fruits and honey, brew, and pour bottled and on-tap sparkling meads. 

If whiskey or moonshine is more your speed, check out R.M. Rose Distillery. This transformed revival of a historic brand founded in Atlanta in 1867, it would not be the Georgia mountains without whiskey and moonshine with the Prohibition-era distilling history of the area. The distillery manufactures its own copper pot stills and boasts its own fermenting tanks offering a variety of seasonal local fruit. Additionally, the distillery offers tours of its Prohibition-style tasting room.