Atlanta, Home to College Football Hall of Fame

With three floors, five (5) themed galleries, and over 50 interactive exhibits, including a 47-yard football field, and a three-story wall of over 750 football helmets, the College Football Hall of Fame was established in 1951. The Hall was created and constructed to immortalize the greatest players and coaches in American football as positive role models for future generations.


Spanning over 95,000 square feet, the College Football Hall of Fame includes a 45-yard indoor football field and over 50 engaging and interactive exhibits, ensuring fun for the entire family.



With over 5.1 million coaches and players, the Hall of Fame has less than 1,300 inductees, making it an extremely selective and exclusive group of individuals. The College Football Hall of Fame was originally slated to be built on the Rutgers University campus, which was home to the first college football game in 1869. Ultimately, the Hall found its first home in Kings Mills, Ohio in 1978, but later closed in 1992, relocating to South Bend, Indiana where it resided from 1995 to 2012. In 2014, the College Football Hall of Fame opened in Atlanta, a major hub of college football activity, a convention and tourist destination, and home of one of the nation’s busiest airports. 


The Hall’s Current Home

Located in the heart of Atlanta’s sports, tourism, and entertainment districts, the College Football Hall of Fame is steps away from the iconic Centennial Olympic Park and is surrounded by other attractions including the World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium, the CNN Center, and more.


In addition to celebrating the best of college football, the Hall serves as one of the most unique and popular private event spaces in Atlanta and provides a platform for character development initiatives, community outreach, and educational opportunities throughout the city. Today, the College Football Hall of Fame is one of Atlanta’s newest and most frequented attractions. 


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